For Hackint0sh users

Having a copy of the Snow Leo 911 dmg, also a boot file and an Extra Directory in the root of your OS X partition are all a must for using this quick guide to get the image booting on you Hackint0sh.

1. Scan image for restore with disk utility, wait for the scan to complete.
2. Mount a USB stick 4GB is fine.
3. Partition the USB stick w/ GUID Partition scheme, format the partition HFS +.
4. Restore the Snow Leo 911 dmg to the formatted USB stick.Wait for the restore to complete.
5. Run a Chameleon RC4 installer package on the USB stick.wait for it to complete.
6. Open and log in to the root account.
7. Type in cp -Rf /boot && /Extra hit the spacebar and then drag and drop the mounted usb stick from the desktop into the terminal. Hit enter.

Thats it done. reboot and enjoy the 911 rescue drive

Here is a image of it booted on my i7 hack

P.S: Sorry if this was posted before but I found this image last night and it was only for macs. Found it easy to get working and thought I would share. Have fun and enjoy smile.gif

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