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Let’s start. First of all I am no expert and can be considered a total noob, if i did it you can do it. This guide is nothing more than a situation summary to let you know where to find what, i have tried many methods and i am just describing the simplest way from my point of view.

What is what?
Lets see don’t even dream about getting the factory wi-fi card working, the sound doens’t really work out of the box u got to tweak a little but still in the end you will hear from your speakers, with the latest (atm) 10.6.4 update you wont be able to get a HDMI to HDMI output, maybe someone will find a solution but atm the only way to get a hdmi output is thrue a HDMI-DVI cable, keep that in mind… (there is a dsdt.aml fix, specific for the 8600m gt tried it but didn’t work)

Checklist; needed items

  1. Retail Copy of Snow Leopard (10.6) if you don’t have one, GO BUY ONE!
  2. Superhai's Dell XPS boot xp, it is for xps1330 but works like a charm in many others, get the latest version (special thnx to superhai.) ->


  1. DSDT.aml and (get a generic one than edit it in text editor, its a fairly easy process) specific for your computer, if u are as lazy as me and don't want to recompile it just grab a generic one from here (as well as guides on how to recompile) (special thnx to Immo for putting it all together and to everyone else whom codes you will be using) ->
  2. Chameleon Bootloader, you can either the RC3 inside superhai’s boot cd or google it and download the latest version
  3. Kext Utility (because writing on command prompt is just not stylish) thnx to CVAD ->
  4. A selection of kexts (i’ll be putting ‘em at the end of my post take only the kexts the rest is applied to my own settings):
  • fakesmc.kext
  • voodooBattery.kext (i’m not using it)
  • IOATAfamily.kext (can cause kernel panic in some occasions, just because ur kernel panics u don’t have to)
  • AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext
  • VoodooPS2Controller.kext
  • VoodooSDHC.kext
  • VoodooHDA.kext (most problably wont load in the first trials)

Lets start
You need the first 2 items asap,
I am giving this guide as a 1system on hd install, if you want a dual boot find another guide to fill in the gaps.
Burn Superhai’s boot cd, plug it in and start u’r engine.
you will see a boot screen (the usual chameleon screen) pull the cd out and put in your fresh OSX SL retail copy inside the cd slot. click f5 and you will see in the boot list that the cd will magicly appear.
Wait for it; mac welcomes u
first thing first; go to tools-> Disk Utility-> select your HD dev (not the partition)-> partition-> from the tab to your left (it saz current) select 1partition-> Options-> select GUID partition table-> and give it a go, close the program and return to the install point
Move on with the install, select ur drive and click custumize, unclick lang and printer drivers (they are extremely useless), move on and let him do his thing… it will take just about 30 min. so go on make urself some coffee, you will need it.

many of you have already tried the plain old leopard and you know that the pc doesnt shutdown or reboot but you got to manually do it, after the install you will have to press the power button until it restarts, before you do that plug out SL install disk and put in our good old bootdisk
When you see chameleon select your drive and move on.
Waaaaait for it; voilla the nagging Mac welcome video (personally i hate it with all my hearth)
Give all the neccessary info, and start your SL
At this point your computer is unable to start on his own, don’t have sound and is still a 10.6.0. Let’s take care of it
Copy from the boot cd chameleon folder to your desktop
go to terminal

cd Desktop
cd Chameleon
sudo fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk0
sudo dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2
sudo cp boot /

this will make you free of the boot cd, don’t even try to restart we didn’t finish yet;
In your root folder (the place found simply by clickin on your main HD) you will create a simple folder called «Extra» this will be the happy place that chameleon will use to suck kexts and your dsdt.aml file
Inside the Extra folder you will place the dsdt.aml,, smbios.plist files that you find in the forum mentioned above.
Then go on and create an «Extensions» folder inside your Extra folder, this is where you put all the kext files mentioned above.
DONT EVEN TRY TO REBOOT not yet smile.gif
Now remember the cute little program called Kext Utility, it fixes permissions on your behalf, go on, install it, open it, make him do his thing when it is done you are ready to restart. If you still got the boot cd take it out and reboot. You will still have to push power button to shut down and power it on again, hopefully this is the last time.
if you did everything right at this point your computer will boot to SL all on his own, u most problably still dont have any sound dont worry about it.
<warning!> if your computer gave you a kernel panic you have selected the wrong dsdt.aml file or did something bad, don’t worry go down to troubleshoot we’ll see what we can do warning </warning!>
ok now once you are in you OS go on and do all your updates, restart, there should be no problems…
If as in my case you still dont have sound go to your /E/E folder (/Extra/Extensions/) copy voodoohda.kext and put it in your S/L/E folder (/System/Library/Extensions/) and while you are there delete the AppleHDA.kext or it will cause kernel panic. if you didnt listen to me and did it anyway and you are unable to boot your system yet again go to the troubleshoot below. If you repair permissions with your kext utility there is a possibility that it will give u and instantaneous kernel panic, dont worry its harmless just manual reboot.
Shut down your computer and power it up (strangely reboot doesnt work in some cases)
Sleep should be working too dont panic when you see your computer waking up for the first time.
ATM if you have done everything right you have a functioning SL, keep in mind that this is a beta guide for noobs, i didnt get in the speedstep because it requires specific DSDT.aml files i’m considering that you are using a generic dsdt file.

We are done, go surf the web cuz most prolly u missed it.


KernelPanic= if you have installed chameleon but you did something strange and stuuuuupid your computer will panic, just because he panics you dont have to. Relax think about what you did and try to find a solution;
things you can try are;

  • verbose boot= on chameleon boot screen click the down arrow until you get verbose, boot, it will give you the error,
  • Undo your error by booting wih enforce, the option right after verbose
  • Still didnt work; try to write «-x» on the chameleon screen it should go in safety mode, undo what you did try again
  • OMG still no luck; lets say that you didnt listen to me and lets say hypothetically you left the wrong kext in the wrong place /S/L/E for instance than you should boot in single user mode in chameleon (third option -s) and enter manually some codes to remove the files
    mount -uw /
    rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/»kextname».kext
  • the mount (-uw /) and remove file with permissions (remove -rf) are really generic and you can remove any file using this combo.
  • Chameleon Doesnt work the computer doesnt boot on his own= plug in the boot cd and try to install again, try a different version of chameleon RC4 is an option.
  • OMG there are other problems i dont know what to do!= start from the first step and retry young padawan. search, google, read, read,read, try, try, try. dont nag, dont cry for help, dont come crying to me cus it didnt work. smile.gif

Hope it helps to someone, it took me 4 days to have a fully functioning stable install, i can only hope that this will drop the time to 1 day.
Special thanks to Macgirl, her first compiling guide helped me a lot in my firs leopard install.
And anyone whom i didnt mentioned above but i used, thank u a lot!
If you see anything wrong (cuz there will be something wrong) pls dont hesitate to comment, i wont hold grudges. smile.gif

lol can some admin change the folder of this post? biggrin.gif soooorrryyyyy

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