Mac Typewriter sounds app - Noisy Typer

If there’s one thing that modern keyboards and Macs are missing compared to old fashioned typewriters, it’s the loud typewriter sounds of yesteryear, because let’s face it, who doesn’t like an incredibly noisy keyboard? NoisyTyper is a hilarious Mac app that satisfies the need that nobody has, with different key and typing sounds for letters, spacebar, delete, scroll up and down, and even the classic ‘ding’ carriage return. Once loaded, it works across all applications, guaranteeing those sounds from last century will follow you regardless of where you type on a Mac.

You really have to watch the video embedded below to get an idea for just how noisy the app is, or download it yourself and find out the hard way.

I think this app is hilarious and while it has a retro kick to it, it would also make for an excellent prank to play on unsuspecting colleagues and roommates.

There’s a brief multi-step installation process:

  • Get NoisyTyper free from
  • Open System Preferences from the  Apple menu and click “Universal Access”, then check the box for “Enable access for assistive devices”
  • Launch Noise Typer, it’ll sit not-so-quietly in the background
  • Start typing and try not to laugh

Because Noisy Typer runs in the background so you’ll have to quit it by typing “qaz123″ or by finding it in Activity Monitor and killing the process.

Just in case the app isn’t enough for you, there’s always the ridiculous full-on USB typewriter iMac conversion kit for the dedicated.


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