RazorSQL allows you to Query, update, navigate, and manage all major databases from one database tool.With RazorSQL, an SQL query tool, SQL editor, and database navigator, you can run SQL scripts, visually edit, create, alter, and view tables, import and export data, build queries with a query builder tool, and navigate databases with the database navigator. It even comes with a built-in relational database engine that requires no configuration

The SQL programming editor has syntax highlighting for SQL, PL/SQL, TransactSQL, SQL PL, and Java, automatic function/method lookup, automatic column lookup, key ahead, built-in and customizable templates, multi-tabular display of query results, query logging, and many other features including a tool to call stored procedures and a tool to compare table and/or query data.

RazorSQL has been tested with virtually all popular databases, and includes built in driver support for DB2, Derby, Firebird, FrontBase, HSQLDB, Informix, MySQL, OpenBase, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Anywhere, SQL Server, and Sybase


Version 5.1.6:
Added a binary data / BLOB editor
Query Results: Column names sometimes displayed in header even if column aliases were used.
Updated auto download to grab latest JTOpen driver
Oracle blobs now show as (BLOB) in query results
RazorSQL now launches in 64-bit mode by default on 64-bit Macs
Interbase tables have trailing spaces in auto table lookup
Interbase queries using aliases now show aliases in the column header
Selects using table aliases not handled correctly in edit table tool and cell editor
SQL Server: varbinary(max) columns get generated as varbinary(-1) in DDL tools
Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
For OS X 10.2, the Apple software update Java Release 1.4.1 is required.
For Mac OS X 10.4, software update Java 5.0 Release 4 is recommended, but not required.

enjoy ¡


via: http://www.applesana.es/15/30865/razorsql-5-1-6-mac-os-x.html

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