Really you can! And we would like you to give it a try.
We are looking for a handful of Beta testers for a custom version of VPN-Cubed packaged for EC2.

Why should you signup?
Getting the overlay network up is pretty easy, you get to see an overlay network in action at EC2, and beta testers who successfully complete the beta will get a DRAMATIC price discount when we go live!

Email us at vpncubed_beta(at) or @reply elasticserver on twitter to contact us.

Here are the steps you go through:

  1. We provide you access to the EC2 USA and EC2 EU AMIs. You can bring up a total of 4 VPN-Cubed managers in this configuration. Use all 4 in the US or EU, or split them between the two locations. Our Beta instructions assume you split between the two EC2 regions.
  2. You use the EC2 API Tools command line to build your security groups. We provide detailed «cut/paste» instructions. Unfortunately ElasticFox and AWS Console can’t handle some of the port settings.
  3. You launch the AMIs.
  4. You use the VPN-Cubed web-based UI to link the 4 managers together
  5. You plug some of your other EC2 servers into the overlay network.

Here are some screenshots from the Beta documentation:

Requirements for the Beta

Overview of VPN-Cubed for EC2

Set up EC2 security groups, launch AMIs, use the web-based
UI for setting up the VPN-Cubed Managers

Generate the credentials to be used in the «cube»

Connect the managers together for fail over, routing,
and common addressing

The 4 VPN-Cubed Managers should then know about each other

Connect some EC2 servers to the overlay network in EC2 US
and EC2 EU, communicate securely through the overlay network.

Check out the VPN-Cubed page for more information and reason why you can’t live without our secure overlay network.

Lock it up.

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