Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this myself, but in theory, this could work. So try this at your own risk. I’ll be testing this weekend, but if you do this and already have results, kindly post them as feedback as comments below for the benefit of others.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Or not.

True, support for Atom is indeed dropped from the official 10.6.2 update release but there’s hope. As has been pointed out before, one option is to stick with 10.6.1 kernel. (Actually, 10.6.1 is only a security patch and doesn’t bring major changes in the system; in fact it uses the same kernel as 10.6). It’s 10.6.2 that we see major system-wide changes, and one of which, is a new kernel that brings woe to our dear little Atoms.

Before you run that updater, either via download (combo vs. delta or software update), back up your current kernel. You can use apps to make invisible files visible in Mac OS X first and then using Finder to copy the file to a USB flash drive for safekeeping. However, I prefer just using the Terminal to do the backup as it’s fairly very easy to do and without having to download anything first.

WHILE YOU’RE STILL IN SNOW LEO 10.6.1 or 10.6 – DO NOT RUN THE 10.6.2 UPDATER YET. NO. Also make a back up of your EFI folder or /Extra folder. Also, if you want, you can back up your entire /System/Library/Extensions so you have all your 10.6.1 kexts in case you need them after the update. Keep your personal and important files somewhere safe. Backing up is key

1) Open Terminal app and execute the ff. command:

$ sudo cp /mach_kernel /path/where/you/want/to/save/the/file

2) In Finder, go to (Cmd+Shift+G) /System/Library/Extensions and copy the ff. kexts to a usb or hard drive (any location you can access later):



3) Run the 10.6.2 update. After it’s finished, DO NOT RESTART YET. NO.

4) Go back to Terminal and restore your old kernel to the «/» directory or root folder:

$ sudo cp /path/where/you/saved/mach_kernel /

5) Quit Terminal and restart. Cross your fingers and hold your breath that you do not experience a reboot loop. Although it may be normal for the initial boot up to not complete after the update, but you should be able to get into your Desktop later on in the next ones.

The reason that we’ve made backing up Seatbelt and System kexts necessary in this how-to is because, in the past, we’ve experienced losing some USB functionalities after reverting to 10.5.7 kernel during 10.5.8 update. The same scenario might happen so we just want to be safe. If you encounter USB probs, try loading the System and Seatbelt kext you just backed up. At any rate, if you decided to back up your entire /Extra (in EFI or wherever you have your Chameleon files) and /System/Library/Extensions, you’re sure you still have your old 10.6.1 kexts safe for reference.

You can try these new kexts from Stell to include in your «new» system when you successfully update to 10.6.2 while keeping the old 10.6 kernel:

SleepEnabler.kext reported to cause Kernel Panic when used in 10.6.2 updated systems but still using the 10.6 kernel.


Via http://mymacbookmini.com/2009/11/10-6-2-is-here//a>

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