8GB RAM upgrade deal

Apple charges $200 to upgrade a MacBook Pro’s RAM to 8GB, and $300 to upgrade a Mac Mini’s to 8GB, but you can do it yourself for just $34. RAM has been getting cheap for a while, but $33.99 for 8GB of name brand memory has to be some kind of record low. The super low price includes free shipping from Amazon, just don’t forget to send in the $10 rebate form.

Corsair 8 GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM Upgrade – $33.99 – after $10 rebate, includes free shipping

The 8GB comes as 2 x 4GB DDR3 SODIMM’s at 1333MHz. This RAM works in the 2011 MacBook Pro and 2011 Mac Mini series with Core i5 and Core i7 CPU’s, but the easiest way to double-check compatibility is to go to “About this Mac” and look next to ‘Memory’ for a MHz speed, you are looking for 1333MHz.

If you jump on this deal, don’t forget the rebate form (pdf) to save $10.

If you’re not sure you’d benefit, you can easily check if your Mac would perform better with more RAM, and you can read our review of an 8GB upgrade for a 2010 MacBook Pro, but for the outrageously cheap price of $34 it would be silly not to max out a Macs RAM.

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