I am happy to release version 2.0b7 of AirPrint Activator. There are substantial changes under the hood in the version.

I introduced the ability to customize the prefix in front of the printer name as suggested by a user. The net result is that you can not replace the word “AirPrint” with what you want or simply get rid of it altogether. To change the prefix:

  1. turn off sharing
  2. click the “Advanced Settings” button
  3. change the prefix to your liking
  4. turn sharing back on

To accomplish this I had to build a configuration file bridge between the GUI application and the background daemon by using an application defaults file. At the same time I also changed how and when missing folders are created.

As usual you can grab a copy of the latest version on the main application page over here.

You can also report issues and get some basic support in the forum.


Via http://netputing.com/2011/03/19/airprint-activator-v2-0b7/

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