I rewrote most of the hack part of AirPrint Hacktivator so that only one line need to be added to the apple.types file.

This ensure that no Apple files need to be re-distributed in AirPrint Hacktivator.  The end result should be the same as versions 1.0-1.6: printing from your 4.2.1+ iOS devices to an OSX 10.6.5 shared printer.

This application is free way to activate AirPrint on OSX 10.6.5.  The application is easy to use and won’t require you to manually modify your system files.

I tested this new version and all seem to be fine on my end.  Let me know if you have issues with it.

Visit the main AirPrint Hacktivator page to get the latest version.

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Via http://netputing.com/2010/11/24/airprint-hacktivator-v1-7/

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