A colleague of mine, Mark Medovich, turned me on to an interesting solution for Mac users, like me. I am a recently converted Windows user to the MAC. (now for a little over a year) I have to admit, I love my MAC. I still use many Windows applications. I like outlook better than entourage, and the powerpoint presentation still works better with the version in which it was created. Hurray for Fusion… But I digress…. This solution is about running a MAC OS on top of vsphere. What? Really? I thought that wasn’t allowed? Actually, the great community over at DiscCloud have created a way to do so, without actually “running” the MAC OS on vsphere. http://disccloud.ning.com/

You do still have to run the Mac OS on your Mac and you can’t run the MAC OS on a non MAC Hardware. Pretty cool stuff. The way this works, is that it mounts the MAC OS instance as another instance on your mac client. Everything you work on, is stored and secured on the vsphere server. Backups can happne in the cloud.

All of the FAQs are here, including how it doesn’t affect the Apple EULA. http://disccloud.ning.com/page/disccloud-faq

This is a real world example of how the cloud can benefit the average MAC user, like me. This example brings home the how the cloud will eventually be a natural way of how we all will do our computing, in the future. Apple, as we know, has had a resurgence in popularity in the last several years with the iPhone being one of the major drivers. But us with MacBook Pros, have also helped. This is all conusmer/end user driven growth. Not Enterprise driven growth. Actually the MAC causes traditional enterprise IT shops difficutly. This is not unlike of how vmware got its momentum through individual server administrators that were tired of doing work at 2am on Sunday morning. And now, DiscCloud, a group of passionate MAC users and developers have developed a very inovative solution using vSphere and a cloud computing mindset. Here’s to the community, individual and innovation. Now its up to companies like vmware to take those inovations and enhance their ability to be managed within the enterprise.

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