Oracle Enters the AWS Cloud

We’ve been working with Oracle to bring a number of their products into the cloud. The first fruits of this work are now ready: cloud-compatible licensing, EC2 AMIs preloaded with a variety of Oracle products, support programs, backup to the cloud, and…

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AWS Security White Paper

As more and more developers look to put AWS to use in various ways, questions about security practices and policies come to our attention from time to time.

We’ve just published the first version of the AWS Security white paper. The paper provides a…

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GigaSpaces XAP – Now on Amazon EC2

The GigaSpaces XAP (eXtreme Application Platform) is now available as an Amazon EC2 AMI (Amazon Machine Image).

At the core, XAP implements a scalable, in-memory database which can be
used as a data grid, a messaging grid, or as a parallel processing

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Introducing StayPress

After a great deal of work, I am pleased to introduce a sneak peek at the new StayPress system.
StayPress is a collection of plugins that will turn a standard vanilla installation of WordPress or WordPress MU into a property management and bookings sys…

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