Visualiza el evento de esta tarde aunque no cumplas los requisitos que Apple pide

Muchos de vosotros os habéis sorprendido por los requisitos de Apple para el visionado de la retransmisión de la keynote de esta tarde. Nos piden Mac OS X Snow Leopard con Safari o iOS 3 o superior. Sinceramente, para los tiempos que corren, no me pa…

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Set IP Address from the Mac Command Line

The quickest way to set your IP address from the command line is to issue the following command in the Terminal:
sudo ipconfig set en1 DHCP
This will renew your DHCP lease and you will be issued a new IP address from the DHCP server. FYI: en1 is gener…

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Free Mac Icons – list of free beautiful icons for the Mac

I love icons and customizing my Mac desktop, so I decided to share with you all my personal bookmark list of free mac icons. These are the sites I visit when I want to change my Mac appearance and all the icons that define the OS X desktop and dock. Of course if you’re on […]

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