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Last week I had a talk with LongJump’s CEO Pankaj Malviya about the company’s most recent innovation: Enabling third-parties to license LongJump Business Application Platform.

Target Groups: Enterprise and ISV

The offering targets two different types of customers: the LongJump platform can be licensed for use within an enterprise’s data center or licensed by independent software vendors to build and host their own high performance, scalable, multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Now, enterprises can install the LongJump platform in own datacenters to build applications in the cloud, while avoiding risks to expose critical data to outsiders. In highly regulated industries such as healthcare or finance, information security and compliance are paramount and keeping local control of their information is an absolute necessity.

ISVs and service providers, on the other hand, can create end-user applications running on the LongJump platform without the risk of being hooked on a third-party platform (with respect to pricing, service levels, and so on).

Cloud Computing for Control Freaks

Enterprise and ISVs now have control and have a choice to take a proven application platform and install it internally, within their corporate firewall or private cloud, without worrying about compliance, security, or confidentially issues.

  • Control of Delivery Options
  • Companies have broad flexibility to decide how to deploy their licensed LongJump platform; they could opt to deploy a private, behind-the-firewall instance, or use a virtualized hosting provider like Amazon EC2. Companies can choose to outsource infrastructure or use existing internal infrastructure.

  • Control of Multi-Tenancy
  • LongJump provides several multi-tenancy configuration options: Multi-Tenant/Single Database, Multi-Tenant/Multiple Database, and Mixed-Tenancy, supporting both models simultaneously.

  • Control of Application Portability
  • Move business applications from one cloud to another cloud or infrastructure.

  • Control of Release Management
  • Develop, test and release in the Cloud: the LongJump platform enables companies to create development, staging and production instances, and assign different development roles to each instance.

During my talk with Pankaj I had a few difficulties understanding what’s so novel about LongJump platform and how the new offering is different from known platforms, such as, Zoho and Bunge Connect. Well, now I can see it: Cloud + Control.

Software Development Process in the Cloud

Intelligent Objects

Multi-Tenancy Configuration


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