fix no content ipad Some users are reporting that their song and media library has disappeared after downloading iOS 4.2.1 and installing the update. You’ll know you’re effected because instead of your typical iPod music library loading in the iPod app, you’ll get a message that says “No Content” and telling you to download music from iTunes.

Thankfully there’s an easy fix for the “No Content” bug, here’s what you do to make your music and media content reappear:

  • Disconnect your iPhone or iPod from your computer and then reconnect it again
  • Select your device in iTunes
  • Select Music and start playing a song from iTunes
  • Sync your iPhone as usual
  • Launch the iPod app, your music should appear

If your music and media library have not reappeared then try the process again, it should work.

This is an interesting bug and it certainly isn’t effecting everyone who updates to iOS 4.2.1, there doesn’t seem to be any particular iPhone or iPod touch that is effected either. Hat tip to TechCrunch for finding the simple solution.


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