free ios development books Whether you are already an iOS developer or you’re looking to get started, you’re in luck. Apple is offering six free iOS development books to download through their iBooks app. The free development books are:

  • iOS Human Interface Guidelines
  • iOS Technology Overview
  • Object Oriented Programming With Objective-C
  • iOS Application Programming Guide
  • Cocoa Fundamentals Guide
  • The Objective-C Programming Language

To download your own copies, launch iBooks, tap on “Store” and search for “Apple Developer Publications” where they’ll all be listed.

Apple recommends grabbing the latest iBooks 1.2 update before downloading the free books. Due to the iBooks requirement, you’ll need either an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to download them for now, although I wouldn’t be too surprised to see iBooks come to the Mac when the Mac App Store is released next month.

Considering the high cost of iPhone app development, grabbing a few free books and learning on your own may be the best way to have an app idea come to fruition.


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