With my Untangle router up and running, one of the things I’ve been working on lately at home is different OpenVPN options and configurations. As I’m not running VMware View at home (shocked I’m sure!) I wanted a way to do RDP or VNC connections from an iphone or ipad back into my house. I can already get to my work desktop via View, but if I can get to my home desktop via OpenVPN and a standard remote protocol connection, I no longer have a requirement for a fullblown laptop while traveling.

Installing an OpenVPN iphone client is as easy as 1,2,Elephant

There isn’t an openvpn client available in the apple store. Thus, we go into “jailbroken” territory here. It’s easy to get the client installed, no command line crazyness, but you’ll have to make sure you’ve got all the pieces in place. tedious, yes. Also worth it.

Jailbreak your iphone.

I’d tell you how, but it changes so often, I’m sure there’s an easier, faster, better way to do it from the way I did it already.

Install your OpenVPN app

Head over to guizmovpn and follow their instructions for installation. Once done, you’ll need to create a config .zip for your Untangle OpenVPN connection. We’ll need to edit a few files but in the end, it should be pretty easy.

Client .zip config

Create and download a client .zip file from your untangle box. You’ll need to unzip this folder and pull all the files up into the root directory.

You should have 5 files now in your folder.

  • a .conf file.
  • an .ovpn file.
  • two .crt files.
  • a .key file.

edit the .conf file

there are four lines you need to edit here.
1st, the untangle client by default tries to create a tun0 device. This isn’t supported by the GuizmOVPN client, it uses just

dev tun

so change that line to reflect it.
Also, you’ll want to remove the directory path to your crt files, and your key.

cert home-username-iphone.crt
key home-username-iphone.key
ca home-ca.crt

With those changes made, save the file and close it.

edit the .ovpn file.

Make the same changes as above, changing tun0 to tun and removing the directory path to the two crt files, and the key. save and close.

build the config bundle

you’ll need to zip the containing directory and name it something useful, home.zip worked for me ;) and then upload it to he OpenVPN client on your iPhone via the instructions on the GuizmOVPN page here.


with that in place, you should be able to connect to your Untangle Server via OpenVPN from your iPhone. Grab an RDP/VNC client, and away you go!

Via http://www.conrey.org/?p=1017

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