Often, we have plenty of important working stuffs stored on our Mac. Without proper management on those files, it will be difficult for us to search and get back to our previous work files.

One way to manage our files is by grouping files. There are some worth mention Mac File Tagging Applications that can help us grouping, categorizing, and managing our precious files using tags.


Using Tags, you can:

  • Tag files, folders, emails, photos, bookmarks, and many more
  • Integrate with Spotlight to search for files
  • Create smart folders and mailboxes
  • And combine it with Applescript

I personally like the look-and-feel of this application interface. If you’re really into managing your mountain of files with tagging features, this application is worth the price.

Download Trial Version
Buy for $29.00


Punakea is developed in order to work together with Spotlight search. In which, Punakea helps us in tagging files and even our bookmarks, enabling us to refer back easily anytime. Also, it helps us grouping files with common tags; this can boost our productivity.

Download Trial Version (30-day)
Buy for $39.95

Nifty Box

If you’re one of Spotlight avid and you want to further optimize your Spotlight search result, you should try using Nifty Box. With it, you can add personal keywords and tag your files and web bookmarks.

When the number of tags grow, Nifty Box also helps us organizing our tags into a bundle so that we can browse through our tags easily, just like browsing through our iTunes playlist.

Download Nifty Box (Free)

Default Folder X

Default Folder X makes file saving dialogs in Mac OS X easier to use by adding some enhancements to the interface, such as.

  • Hierarchical pop-up menus. Browse with menus that reveal folder contents as you hover over them.
  • Hierarchical location menu. Use the Open and Save dialog’s location menu as a hierarchical pop-up menu.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Open your favorite folders with keyboard shortcuts in every application as well as in Open and Save dialogs.
  • Dock and menu bar icons. Use Default Folder X’s pop-up menus without an Open and Save dialog.
  • Available disk space. See your volumes’ available disk space in pop-up menus.
  • And other enhancements…

With Default Folder X, you can easily add Spotlight keywords rights from the save dialog. Not only that, there is also a feature for you to assign default folder to each of your application, which can decrease time consumption during completion of workflow.

Download Trial Version (30-day)
Buy for $34.95


Together lets you keep everything in one place. By using Together, with a simple drag-drop action, you can collect, tag, and preview texts, documents, images, movies, sounds, web pages and bookmarks, or even find them again easily the other time.

Download Trial Version (15-day)
Buy for $39.00


Yojimbo helps keeping all important bits of information organized and accessible. It’s practically easy to use Yojimbo, without any pre-learning required.

There are as many uses for Yojimbo as there are users of it. It accepts almost anything from text, bookmarks, images, pdfs, to web archives, serial numbers, or even passwords by simply dragging, copying, importing or printing.

Download Trial Version (30-day)
Buy for $39.00

Yep 2

The strength in Yep is the ability to see your documents and search through them without worrying where exactly you saved it to.

With Yep, you can add your own tags to documents. It also has the ability to automatically move documents into a simple date based folder system located in your Documents folder, which results in the ease to track records of receipts, invoices, research papers, etc.

Download Trial Version
Buy for $39.00


You can use Fresh to tag files, pick recently used tags, and even rate files. By tagging files, using Spotlight to search for tagged items will be so much easier.

Download Trial Version
Buy for $9.00

Leap 2

When we need to handle and manage hundreds (or even thousands) of files, we definitely need to group them with tags, which makes it extremely easy to find those files, regardless of their location.

Using Leap, you can use OpenMeta tag contentions to share tags across numerous programs.
With tweaks and improvements in user interface, Leap makes tagging, rating and browsing of files even easier.

As a side note, you can buy a bundle containing Fresh, Deep, Leap, and Yep, four of them for $69.00, which I see as a good bargain if you really like to use them.

Download Trial Version
Buy for $59.00

Of course, it is not recommended to purchase all of them as the functionalities of these file tagging applications kind of overlapping each other. You just need to find one that suits you the most and stick to it.

Although I myself rarely feel the need to manage my files (usually I just left them behind, cluttered), I hope that this small compilation of file tagging applications can help you in organizing your Mac.


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