I finally got the NetbookInstaller 4 : Direct Install from Mac to SSD/HDD guide written and posted. I’ve also done a little rearranging on the guides page. There seem to be a few too many people trying to use the old methods, which is somewhat ridiculous considering that they are outdated and no longer supported. As such they are still at the same address but I have moved the links to a new page, which can be accessed from the Guides page. Now that I have the actual install guides updated from the DellEFI days, I have one more monumental task: the Windows-only guide.

Good news on that front, though: meklort has been working on making the NetbookBootMaker app into a cross-platform program that will run not only on Mac OS X but also on Windows and Linux. I will try to create a guide before then, but once that new app is out everything could change. No time table on the new version, and don’t ask me, I’m not directly involved in the development.

Via http://osx.mechdrew.com/blog/2009/10/18/netbookinstaller-4-guide-posted//a>

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