Today a received my new Mac Book Pro, it shipped with OS X Snow Leopard but by coincidence it arrived on the day Lion was released in the App Store so being an early adopter (read gadget freak) I upgraded it immediately to Lion – which took ~15mins on my Mac which has an SSD nice :)


However once completed I couldn’t connect to my Iomega IX4-200d NAS, which was kind of a problem as it’s my time-machine server as well as storing all my useful data, finder just reports an error.

“There was a problem connecting to the server”

The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported (…)


It turns out this is a common problem; Lion implements a more secure AFP authentication method and most Linux based NASes don’t yet support the more advanced version.


However, I found the following blog post which shows a work-around enabling you to use the less-secure authentication method, use at your risk whilst we all wait to see if the NAS vendors implement an updated firmware to address this issue.


It’s pretty straightforward, some command line and 2 reboots required, but I can verify it works fine on my Mac.


Early adopters beware.


Other than that, liking Lion so far – Mission Control with hot-corners and full-screen apps is very nice, new scrolling method is nice but a bit confusing as older apps seem to need specific support to work with it, Google Chrome works with the new full screen but seems to have some issues, I can’t find a way in the UI to take the window out of full-screen mode and the tab drop down obscures the search entry box if you have a Google window open.


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