OSGi is a Java-based service platform that can be remotely managed. The core part of the specifications is a framework that defines an application life cycle management model, a service registry, an Execution environment and Modules. Based on this framework, a large number of OSGi Layers, APIs, and Services have been defined. OSGi Specification is maintained by OSGi Alliance.

Server side OSGi applications now can also be easily deployed on computing clouds implemented by Amazon (EC2). With several mouse clicks your exported bundles can be uploaded to remote storage (S3) and added to profile (Launch Configuration). Now virtual servers (EC2 instances) containing OSGi framework provisioned with selected bundles can easily be started.

Screenshot of the Profile Editor:

Click here to open OSGi on EC2 video presentation in a new window.

If someone is interested in trying out OSGi Cloud – contact us at studio@service-cloud.com

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