XML Hacker M. David Peterson has put together a really interesting article.

As part of his work at 3rd and Urban, he has implemented redundant, fault-tolerant, read-write disk storage on Amazon EC2 using a number of open source tools and applications including LVM, DRBD, NFS, Heartbeat, and VTUN.

Mark notes that "the primary focus of this paper is to present both a detailed overview
as well as a working code base that will enable you to begin designing,
building, testing, and deploying your EC2-based applications using a
generalized persistent storage foundation, doing so today in both lieu
of and in preparation for release of Amazon Web Services offering in
this same space."

The article provides complete implementation details and links to source code for the scripts that Mark developed.

You can read the article, and you can also follow progress via the discussion group.

— Jeff;

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