At May 28th a post in a personal blog appeared announcing a new application for eyeOS. Less than two monts after that, the h3o eyeOS Apps have been growing and we can enjoy now 10 eyeOS Applications from Thorsten Zoerner, the creator of h3o.

h3oWiki (to have a lightweight wiki inside your eyeOS), h3oEyeAppsInstaller (to directly install apps from, h3oSSH (to connect to servers through SSH) and h3oUpload (to upload files directly from your OS Desktop with drag and drop) are some examples of the eyeOS Applications created by h3o.

We recently read that there have been more than 1.000 downloads of the h3o apps, and we would like to encourage every eyeOS sysadmin to download and install some of the apps in their systems, and to keep an eye on the h3o blog for the future ones.

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