Right this second both our VPN-Cubed for EC2 Free Edition (no additional charges beyond Amazon’s) and Pay Edition AMIs are sitting in Amazon DevPay just waiting for you to create your own secure and encrypted overlay network. VPN-Cubed for EC2 emerges from Beta today and we couldn’t be more proud. Our Beta Participants helped us fine tune our AMIs so you can get the most out of our cloud network security solution to take control of your EC2 deployments.

A bit of Technical Stuff
VPN-Cubed for EC2 is a version of our complete VPN-Cubed offering specially packaged for use in Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). A VPN-Cubed topology is built from a set of VPN-Cubed Managers that share SSL keys and certificates, working together to provide a redundant, geographically distributed network for your cloud-based servers. You can have any number of topologies running under a given AWS account. When VPN-Cubed Managers belong to the same topology, they are referred to as «peers.» The process of establishing communications between any pair of VPN-Cubed Managers that are to be peers is referred to as «peering.» VPN-Cubed for EC2’s Paid Version allows the use of four (4) VPN-Cubed Managers covering many common use-cases. If a more complex overlay network is needed multiple topologies can be connected together using our complete VPN-Cubed packaged service. Contact sales (at) cohesiveft.com, or check out our complete list of VPN-Cubed use-cases.

We are offering two (2) versions of VPN-Cubed for EC2 as Paid AMIs through DevPay.

VPN-Cubed for EC2 Free Edition
This version is offered at no additional fees beyond EC2 costs for compute usage and data transfer fees + a $0.30 monthly charge to cover Amazon’s Monthly Transaction Fee. It allows you to peer two (2) managers inside Amazon’s EC2. This version gives you a quick and easy way to test some of the network topology, addressing, and encryption controls offered by VPN-Cubed inside the cloud.

VPN-Cubed for EC2 Pay Edition
This version of the AMI will allow itself to peer with three other VPN-Cubed for EC2 AMI for a total of four (4) managers belonging to the same topology. It is offered at a a $0.05 premium on hourly usage per AMI + a $0.30 monthly charge to covers Amazon’s Monthly Transaction Fee. The Pay Edition give you more manager peering, more managers, and more control over your EC2 deployments.

Check out our VPN-Cubed for EC2 page for launch instructions.

Cube your EC2.


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