At long last, the vSphere 5.0 vReference Card is ready.  Go and grab it over here. This time I’ve split it up into both an A4 version and a separate Letter size one. This should hopefully make the printing experience more consistent regardless of which side of the pond you try.

New with this release is a full page version.  This is the same information as the card, but I’ve increased the font to a less eye-ball screamingly small font.  This should make it make much more conducive to reading as a study guide, or if you want to bone-up on a particular area.

As ever, the card is a work-in-progress, so let me know if you spot any additions or updates you think are needed and we can improve this resource for everyone.

If you are linking to the card, please give out the page address not the card itself. This helps direct everyone to the latest version.

vSphere 5 vReference Card released originally posted by Forbes Guthrie on vReference.
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