community_2.3releasecandidateToday we are proud to announce the first release candidate of our Endian Firewall Community version 2.3. The ISO image can be downloaded from:

Please remember that this is not the final release. Therefore do not use it in production environments unless you know what you are doing. Should you find any bugs do not hesitate and add them to our bugtracker at *AFTER* you have made sure that the bug has not been reported already.

This release includes many features that were previously available only to users of the Enterprise release as well as some completely new features. These features are:

Backups can now be stored to and recovered from attached USB mass storage devices. It is also possible to schedule automatic backups and to send encrypted backups via email.

The main page has been replaced by a dashboard with statistics about the system and its services as well as live-graphs for incoming and outgoing traffic.

Email notifications
Emails can be sent automatically for predefined events.

HTTP proxy time based access control
With the new interface it is possible to add time based access control lists for the HTTP proxy.

HTTP proxy with user- and group-based content filtering
The HTTP proxy now has a new and polished web interface that adds the possibility to create group based content filters.

Intrusion Prevention
Snort rules can now be configured. It is possible to drop packets as well as to log intrusion attempts.

Policy routing
Routing rules can be created based on the interface, MAC address, protocol or port of a packet.

Port forwarding rewrite
In version 2.3 it is possible to add port-forwards from any zone (only from the RED zone previously). Port forwarding without NAT is now also supported.

Quality of Service
Traffic Shaping has been replaced by a fully configurable Quality of Service module. QoS devices, classes and rules can be defined.

SNMP support
Basic SNMP support has been added.

SMTP proxy web interface rewrite
The web interface of the SMTP proxy has been rewritten with focus on usability.

VLAN support (IEEE 802.1Q trunking)
It is now possible to create VLANs on every interface. The VLAN interfaces can be used to distinguish connections in the same zone.

Enjoy the release!
Your Endian team


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