CloudBerry Lab noticed that Windows Mobile users don’t have a decent Amazon S3 client. We set to fix this disappointing discrepancy and decided to make CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Mobile

With CloudBerry Explorer mobile you will be able to off load some of your data to Amazon S3 account and free up the local storage. You can also make sure that your data is stored securely on Amazon S3.

The first version of CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Mobile will feature some basic capabilities such as

· Register and connect to any number of Amazon S3 accounts

· Work with any number of Amazon S3 accounts simultaneously

· Create, browse, and delete Amazon S3 buckets

· Create, browse, and delete folders

· Copy and move files between Amazon S3 and your local storage

CloudBerry Explorer Mobile is not available yet for download. You can subscribe for beta at Once released CloudBerry Explorer Mobile will be available for free for all CloudBerry Explorer users.


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